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Our Values

Ethical Sources

We want to make a positive change in the gem trade industry – an industry rife with exploitation. At Aspire Designs, we steer clear from exploitative markets by ensuring that our diamonds and precious stones are sourced only from mines with fair and ethical employment practices. All our diamonds have passed the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) to verify that they are procured in fair and legitimate ways. All of our precious stones and minerals are sourced only through ethical and legitimate sources.


All our gems meet rigorous quality standards established by gem analysis and grading organizations like GIA/HRD and IGI. Our craftsmen construct each piece with utmost care and dedication, so our customers won't find stones coming loose from ring settings or chains breaking. We also offer excellent after-care service. When a customer purchases an Aspire Designs creation, they are not just purchasing jewellery, they are establishing a relationship with a team who cares.


Good design is at the heart of Aspire Designs. Our designers are trendsetters, fashion lovers, dreamers and visionaries who are given as much freedom as they need to experiment, invent and bring to life cutting edge looks and styles. We encourage exploration and send our designers to museums and galleries in Europe and across the world, so they return inspired, energized and brimming with new perspectives and ideas, which they then convey in their drawings and designs.