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In Spanish, Vida means "life".

Vida creates an array of wearable jewelry that is perfect for all kinds of occasions and purposes: the first collectibles of jewelry box; a little piece of self-reward and indulgence; or a token of everlasting love. We hope that jewelleries from Vida will become testimonies of modern womanhood, chronicling the transformation from a girl to a lady, the maturing of an independent woman.

Vida is dedicated to bringing affordable yet quality pieces of jewelleries for our customers. We draw upon a vast reservoir of talented designers who vow to deliver the greatest varieties of designs, so that our customers can pick the pieces which best define their personalities, suit their unique tastes and go well with their fashion styles. Vida is also supported by a team of skillful artisans, who turn stylish and innovative designs into easy-to-wear, enduring pieces of jewelleries.